Justin Fortin

Computer Science major at Southern Polytechnic State University.


My name is Justin Fortin, and this is my website. I am a computer science major at Southern Polytechnic State University. I've been interested in technology for most of my life. I got my own computer at a very early age by proving (on accident) that I knew just enough to be dangerous on my parent's computer, and have been learning by clicking first and asking questions later since then.

I picked up web development early on in high school, and spent a lot of time bouncing between free webhosts uploading my dreamweaver templated site. My junior year I finally sat down and taught myself HTML and CSS and a tiny bit of javascript, and everything evolved from there. That same year, I joined my high school's robotics team and took over as the webmaster (a job no one else before or since has really wanted) and rebuilt and redesigned the site. (unfortunately, it changed quickly after I graduated) While on the team, I also had the fantastic experience of helping with the design and construction our competition robot, and I was the the drive team lead at our competitions.

As for more current events, I previously attended Georgia Southern University as an Electrical Engineering major, but I quickly realized my error. Now that I've switched both majors and schools, I think I'm in a much more fitting place.

I enjoy music. If you care at all what kinds of I listen to, I have a Last.fm profile where you can see almost everything I listen to. It's a bit of a random selection, mostly a combination of movie/tv scores and music from video games. I have a bit of a thing for loud and proud instrumental sections.

I also play video games, mostly on Steam. Here's my profile. You can go check out the games I play (which is far too large of a number). On top of that, I play League of Legends occasionally, and have invested more than I'd care to admit into skins.

On top of my unhealthy obsession with League skins, I play EVE Online, a Very Bad Game. I currently have two accounts, one that has my main and flies all sorts of random subcapital stuff in a wormhole, and second that has my dedicated capital alt. I'm not sure why I still play EVE, but then again most people who play don't know why they do either.